Headquarters and non-polluting production facilities for OMIKRON group.
Competition by invitation, 1st prize

In order to enhance the building's visibility from the main entrance street this complex was designed on a two-axis system, with two longitudinal wings developed in a wedge-shaped layout opening up towards the street. The two wings are inter-connected with bridges and decks, within a central multi-storey, transparent volume. The north and south wings differ as to their length and the treatment of their façades. The north wing comprises a glazed curved wall which breaks through and protrudes from the body of the wing on ground and first floor levels like a ribbon. This creates an interesting composition of the curved surface and the linear façade. The elevation of the south wing is more regular in appearance, designed on a modular grid, where natural lighting and ventilation are provided together with the necessary shading.

An important element in the design are the water surfaces incorporated in the opening created between the two wings and the central building volume facing the main street. A planted area divides the water surface like an islet, thus unifying the entrance with the basement level. Access to the building is via a wooden bridge. Four exterior metal staircases at the triangular ends of the trapezoid-shaped wings further characterise the design.

The exterior façades are clad with sandstone from Cyprus. The glazing of the central building volume is planar-type, while the glazed curved northern wall combines profile glass strips and transparent glass. Aluminium frames have been used in all other openings. The interiors of the central space are clad in marble and beech wood and flooring is laid with marble. All spaces have a raised floor with a fitted carpet finish or epoxy flooring. Walls combine plasterboard, glazed partitions and timber facing, while false ceilings consist of plasterboard and perforated metal stripes.

Name of project
OMIKRON Headquarters
City and Country
Gerakas – Attica
27, Monemvasias str
151 25 Polydroso-Athens
+30 210 6800 690
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