Every project is a new challenge, an opportunity for an exciting adventure. We start by discussing extensively with our Clients in order to understand and respond to their needs. We use our expertise to offer contemporary, tailor-made solutions, time- and cost-efficiently. Sustainability is a key element in everything we design.

Architectural Design

We approach design in a holistic way, drawing strength and inspiration from all elements of which it is composed: history, culture, social considerations, symbolism, beauty, function, technique, place, sustainability and energy considerations, climate, the laws of physics, time- and cost-benefit and many more.

Sustainable bioclimatic design

Make climate your friend and not your enemy. It is much stronger than you are and very vengeful. So why take the risk? Designing with climate (as opposed to against climate) has a deeper inner beauty, much deeper than simply saving energy.

Urban Planning

We approach the larger scale with an increased sense of responsibility. When we meddle with it, we change it forever. Depending on the extent and severity of our intervention, every future case will start from a new and different beginning. So we have to tread lightly.

Interior Design

Our interior designers work along the architectural team from the onset of the project. We believe every material has its own story to tell, its own properties, personality and requirements. They can be cold or warm, serious or frivolous. They may be able to coexist and work together or not. And they must serve many other important functions. We treat materials like living organisms. Surfaces and textures too are elements of a much higher importance than mere decoration. They are related to reflection or absorption, they are inseparable partners of thermal behavior, light, sound…


Architecture depends on the knowledge and needs of many other disciplines during the process of design. We respect the input of all engineering and consulting disciplines ensuring a well- coordinated end-result.


We assist our Clients from the very early stages of project planning through to completion.

Support during construction

It all comes down to construction. We follow the projects we design until they have been completed to ensure the best possible outcome.
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